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— Convey the essence of things and emotions.
Created by Art Director Masanori Sakamoto and Technical Director Ken Murayama in 2009, Deltro Inc. has provided numerous companies with on-screen media art direction, design, and programming services, and has received a multitude of marketing awards from groups such as the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the CLIO Awards, One Show, TIAA, and more.
アートディレクター坂本政則、テクニカルディレクター村山健により2009年に設立。以後、数多くのオンスクリーンメディアのアートディレクション/デザイン/プログラミングの分野で活動を続けている。カンヌ国際広告賞、クリオ賞、One Show、TIAAなど国内外の広告賞を多数受賞。


Grand Prix
— Cannes Lions (Innova Lotus), CLIO Awards (Interactive), the FWA (Site of the Year), Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Cyber, Innova Lotus), Yahoo! Japan Internet Creative Award, The Cup, Tokyo ADC
— Cannes Lions (2 Cyber, Film Craft, Film, Outdoor), One Show Interactive (Craft), CLIO Awards (Interactive, Inovative), Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Cyber), Spikes Asia (Digital), New York Festivals (Technique & Technorlogy), TIAA (Best Use Media)
— Cannes Lions (Cyber, Direct, Film Craft, Promo), One Show (Integrated Digital & Physical Products), NY ADC (Interactive), CLIO Awards (Interactive, Content & Contact, Innovative Media), Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Cyber), New York Festivals (Online Advertising, Outdoor, 2 Digital and Interactive), TIAA (Website)
— Cannes Lions (Design), One Show Interactive (Social Media), CLIO Awards (Interactive), Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Best of Website, Best of Blogs, Best Corporate Site), New York Festivals (2 Digital and Interactive), TIAA (Website, Widget, Intaractive Ad)
— D&AD (Nomination), the FWA (Site of the Month, 4 Site of the Day, Mobile of the Day), The Webby Awards (Webby Award, Nominees, Honorees), Japan Media Arts Festival (Excellence Prizes), TIAA (Best Craft)
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